Enjoy complimentary appetizers and meet multi media fine artist, Grace Noel. Cash bar.

Grace Noel’s artwork is made from a unique process she invented while earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.  Drawings are burned into the wood, then paint is applied via water color, acrylic, oil paint, and encaustic (beeswax), and finishing touches with glitter and gold leaf.

Grace explains: “The inspiration for this unique combination of media is to recreate the experience of sunshine reflecting off of my eyelashes.”  The mission of Grace’s artwork is to express that we are all made of sunshine. Sunshine makes the plants grow, the water flow, and the wind blow.  Now it is time to go on a magical journey through the rainbow. 

Grace Noel’s art will be on display at ESCC through April 28, 2019

Grace is on instagram and Facebook @gracenoel.art.