“Sun, Soil, Food, Wood” (!)

A fun, social evening exploring sustainability and Lafayette Open Space

              with live music from classical guitar duo, Derek y Daniel

Join friends, old and new, at Lafayette’s Open Space’s second social gathering at East Simpson Coffee Company (ESCC).  The evening will start with the beautiful music of guitarists, Derek y Daniel.  During the music break Martin Ogle will have an informal conversation, a very brief program and then you're invited to continue the program in the back room where discussion tables with fun and thought-provoking questions on energy, food, trees and community will be set up.  Have a drink and ponder matters of note with others in a relaxing, creative atmosphere!   Fun door prizes, including farm produce a bowl made of local wood and others will be given away too!  Music continues throughout the evening.
We’re excited that Isabelle Farm owner Natalie Condon will be with us. Isabelle Farm operates the organic produce farm and year-round farm store on Lafayette’s award-winning Thomas Open Space urban agriculture initiative. 

Outstanding music will also be provided by “Derek y Daniél,” a Boulder-based guitar duo.  Daniel Pruitt and Derek Demuth are both classically trained guitarists and you’ll be blown away by their awesome melodies with flamenco and classical influences.  Come early and stay late, and enjoy!