Hi! I am Robin Lyn..Singer/Songwriter for the Robin Lyn band in Boulder, Colorado.. I was originally Nashville based, and Berklee trained in songwriting. I hit the road several years ago, touring Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US.. After well over 1,000 gigs later, I decided to get off the road, go back to school and start a psychotherapy practice.. Well, the psychotherapy fueled a whole new round of songs.. So, here we go again! These days I am Boulder based, and have a great band featuring Craig Mac on Bass, and Rick Gabler on guitar formerly of Austin who's background includes stints with members of ZZ Top, Christopher Cross, Stevie Ray Vaughn. Rick is also producing my newest album for release to the market Spring of 2016.. We also have the amazing Howard Ogg on percussion.. In addition, the iconic Rocky Duarte of Zephyr and Freddi Henchi fame contributed Keyboards throughout the album...I feel so blessed and excited about the future of my music!! Hope you all love the new album! Blessings!