My goal is to live a creative life and create beauty through my art that enhances our world.  I have been involved in many art forms: currently my focus is on painting in oil and watercolor.  The colors and patterns of our world are endless, as are our opportunities for beauty and joy.  Please enjoy our exhibit that focuses on Colors of This World.  ~ Jean Riordan

There is something very satisfying about making images.  It is magical as well as rewarding. Photography is my map toward new discoveries and an ongoing journey toward awareness.  There is a timeless relationship between my camera and myself. My approach to the medium is going deeper into the process of creativity. ~ Judy M. Sanchez  

I've always appreciated and supported the arts; since retiring from teaching and moving to Colorado I have the time and inspiration to begin painting again!  In my art I like to explore the beauty of nature by layering color upon shape to create movement.  My artwork is a personal reflection of places and memories.  I'm filled with a sense of accomplishment when people see my work and take away pleasure, based upon their interpretation and how my art speaks to them. ~ Paula Fossum