414 East Simpson St. - Then & Now

Charles Scholes Bakery and Grocery, 1914-1959

In June 2013, we moved onto the street that was home to one of Colorado’s largest coal mines and where commercial business in Lafayette, Colorado first got its start, East Simpson Street.  Our next door neighbor had been living on this historic street since 1939. She shared with us the wonderful childhood memories of walking up to Charles Scholes Bakery and Grocery at 414 East Simpson to buy penny candy and bars of bath soap.

The bustling 4 blocks of downtown suffered 2 major fires and eventually outgrew its streets.  With downtown relocating west onto Public Street, the surviving dozen or so buildings on East Simpson, that once housed Lafayette's banks, post office, cash grocery stores, barbershop, newspaper office and pastry shop, would stand dormant for the next several decades.

East Simpson Coffee Company, 2014

Immediately upon moving to this wonderful neighborhood, we knew we wanted to be a part of the revitalization of Historic Old Town Lafayette, and on December 8, 2014, East Simpson Coffee Company became a reality.

Located at 414 East Simpson Street, ESCC is dedicated to being a welcoming home away from home. Where neighbors can walk up the street and enjoy a most delicious coffee, latte or chai, indulge in scrumptious fresh baked pastries and homemade soups, and where gathering is the objective of the day.

In honor of those who have been gathering at 414 East Simpson Street since 1905 we welcome you to visit real soon.  We look forward to meeting you and thank you for your patronage.

josi coffee break.jpeg